The Derbe anti-fall spray contains a complex of functional substances of plant origin with antioxidant activity that contributes positively to maintaining the life cycle of the hair. It also contains pluripotent merismatic cells derived from grapes that stimulate the microcirculation and play an important antioxidant function that keeps the hair healthy.
* promotes stimulation and the supply of functional substances to the hair follicle.
* helps to restore the microcirculation and rehabilitate the scalp during the massage.
* strengthens the defenses of the skin thanks to the complex mixture of plant extracts and to the vegetal merismatic cells of grapes.
* contains antioxidant vitamin E and vitamin B3 with purifying activity.
* contributes to the development of a healthy environment for hair health. Without dyes, not fat, not sticky. Tolerability tested under dermatological control.

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