With blackcurrant and grapefruit extract.

To counteract the typical imperfections of oily hair, they must be regularly taken care of. An excessive detergency or conduct in an inappropriate manner almost always involves an aggravation of the problem of oiliness. This is why the Derbe laboratories have created a treatment based on two simple steps: the use of a pre-shampoo solution and a shampoo against greasiness. The usual use of the Derbe shampoo against greasiness makes the hair visibly healthy and prolongs the cleaning of the scalp. His secret? Gently cleanse without the use of aggressive and irritating surfactants, prolonging the sebum-regulatory action started with the pre-shampoo solution. Grapefruit seed extract promotes rebalancing action, black currant extract provides relief for hyper-active sebaceous glands by restoring their delicate hydro-lipid balance.

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