For environments and surfaces with 75% alcohol and active essential oils. Tutto Pulito is a spray, prepared with a blend of essential oils, to purify environments and surfaces of all kinds. Great for purifying:

handles (doors, cars)
push-button panels (lifts, remote controls)
computer keyboards, mouse
cell phone
sole of the shoes

It purifies the air in closed environments such as homes, offices, even in the presence of pets. No gas dispenser - no dyes - no synthetic fragrances Use on surfaces: spray the solution directly on the surface to be treated and dry with a soft cloth. In the event that the surface has paint or specific treatments, carry out a test on an inconspicuous part of it. On linen or curtains, spray at a minimum distance of 30 cm. Use in the air: spray the product widely in the room to be treated. In the presence of children and pregnant women, wait 20 minutes before returning to the room.

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