For environments and surfaces with 75% alcohol and active essential oils.

Tutto Pulito is a spray, prepared with a mixture of essential oils, to purify environments and surfaces of all kinds. Excellent for purifying:

  • handles (doors, cars)
  • push-button panels (lifts, remote controls)
  • computer keyboards, mouse
  • cell phone
  • glasses
  • shoes
  • masks

Purifies the air in closed environments such as homes, offices, even in the presence of pets.

No gas dispenser – no dyes – no synthetic fragrances

Use on surfaces: spray the solution directly on the surface to be treated and dry with a soft cloth. If the surface has specific paints or treatments, carry out a test on an inconspicuous part of it. On linen or curtains, spray at a minimum distance of 30 cm.

Use in the air: spray the product diffusely in the environment to be treated. In the presence of children and pregnant women wait 20 minutes before coming back.

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