How to recognize and treat lice in the hair

With the opening of schools, the annoying problem of lice in the hair for our children can return … find out how to recognize and treat it with Derbe products!

What is pediculosis?

Pediculosis is a very common problem in the school and family environment and should not be considered as a cause of poor hygiene: it depends on a small parasite, the louse, which lives only on a man's head and feeds on his blood.

The louse is one of the few living species that has not suffered repercussions due to the changing climate and human habits of life.

First of all, the louse infests the scalp which for him represents a small ecological niche that has undergone minimal changes over the centuries. The numerical increase of individuals of the human species has constituted, for these parasites, a significant increase in the opportunities for life and reproduction. The reasons for the resurgence of these annoying infestations are many:

  1. Their efficient reproductive capacity.
  2. The dispersion into the environment due to brushing, scratching, dips, etc.
  3. The mixed use of collars, armchairs, headrests, hats, caps, combs, etc.
  4. The ability, if expelled, to find a new host organism.

Who most affects pediculosis?

Children are more likely to be infected by their games and a more intense social life.

Pediculosis - Products for lice Derbe

When is it easier to get head licence?

The chances of contagion given the current habits of life have increased enormously compared to the past as the long stay in crowded places (offices, schools, means of transport, gyms, etc.) was not part of the lifestyle habits of our ancestors.

How to prevent pediculosis?

The safest way to prevent lice infestation consists in daily observation of the condition of the scalp: if nits are found, they must be removed immediately. Louse eggs can be recognized because they have an oval shape, about 3 – 8 millimeters large. The hatched nits are white, while the still full ones have a yellowish / gray color.

Can i cure pediculosis?

The louse is a small parasite (2-3 mm.). The female lays 8-10 eggs (nits) per day which are strongly attached to the hair thanks to an adhesive substance they secrete. Most of the nits are deposited behind the ears and on the nape of the neck and hatch after a week. The louse feeds on blood which it sucks, introducing the sucking apparatus into the skin and thus causing severe itching.

The best way to treat head lice is to use an oil because any oil sprinkled on the parasites inhibits their breathing and forces them to flee.

What are the best anti-licence products?

An oil to suffocate lice and dissolve the colloidal substance that allows the nits to remain firmly anchored to the hair.

A sanitizing spray that contains a mixture of essential oils and vinegar with a pleasant scent for humans but highly unpleasant for lice which, when sprayed on the child's hair, before taking him to school, protects him from further possible infections.

The products must be natural to be used every day even on children aged 2 and over (even under 2 years with the foresight to use cotton due to the presence of essential oils), without fear of damaging the skin and hair.

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