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Sports deodorant - Derbe

Sports deodorant

Non alcoholic - Roll on

Deodorante // Derbe Sport //

This deodorant thanks to its functional substances (extract of propolis, mint and echinacea) is effective for those with excessive perspiration problems...
Shower gel shampoo for sport - Derbe

Shower Shampoo Gel Derbesport


Bagnoschiuma, Docciasciampo, Sciampo // Rilassante // Derbe Sport //

A single detergent with many qualities, gives naturalness and freshness, gently cleanses the whole body including the intimate parts, is an excellent s...
Anti-fatigue body gel - Derbe

Anti-fatigue gel for the body

Quick recovery from fatigue

Creme corpo, Gel // Derbe Sport //

Relaxing and refreshing gel with natural active ingredients: butcher's broom, horse chestnut, helichrysum, echinacea. Apply all over the body to rehydrate and pe...

OlioDerbe Freetime

Ideal for sports and holidays

Olio detergente // Purificante // Derbe Sport //

Olioderbe is the first, the real and original oil that washes the hair. Works like a shampoo but does not contain water and does not foam. Cleans hair...

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