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Rose and blackberry life-giving water - Florentine apothecaries - Derbe

Rose and Blackberry Life-giving Water

Moisturizing and Dermopurifying

Acqua corpo // Idratante, Purificante // Speziali Fiorentini //

An invigorating, moisturizing water, to be sprayed on the body after a bath or shower, with rose and blackberry extract with soothing, softening...
Conditioning balm - Derbe

Derbe foam balm

Conditioner for hair

Balsami // Anti forfora, Anticrespo, Cute irritata, Purificante //

Conditioner with preparation on a natural basis, detangles the hair delicately without weighing it down and leaves it healthy and silky...
Fluid body cream with licorice and mandarin - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Liquorice and Mandarin Body Fluid Cream

Antioxidant, emollient, purifying and stimulating

Creme corpo // Idratante, Purificante // Speziali Fiorentini //

Thanks to its natural functional substances extracted from licorice and mandarin, it acquires highly antioxidant, emollient properties, pur...
Liquorice and mandarin hand cream - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Liquorice and Mandarin Hand Cream

Fragrance inspired by the rolling Tuscan hills

Creme corpo // Purificante // Speziali Fiorentini //

This hand cream, in its modernity and safe formulation, obeys the ancient herbal wisdom. Contains licorice extract and mandala...
Body repairing skin cream - Derbe

Skin-saving cream

Body repair cream

Creme corpo // Idratante, Protettivo, Purificante //

The Salvapelle cream, rich in functional substances derived from plants, gives immediate relief and deep hydration to very sensitive skin, c...
Roll on non-alcoholic deodorant - Pepper and grapefruit - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Pepper and Grapefruit Deodorant

Non alcoholic - Roll on

Deodorante // Deodorante, Purificante // Speziali Fiorentini //

The Pepper and Grapefruit deodorant has a sanitizing and refreshing effect thanks to the presence of Pepper and Grapefruit extracts....
Intimate cleanser for delicate skin - Derbe

Intimate wash

For delicate skins

Creme corpo // Protettivo, Purificante //

Derbe Intimate Cleanser is very delicate, has an acidic pH and contains a complex of essential oils particularly suitable for intimate cleansing...
Shower shampoo Terre di Amerigo - Derbe

Shampoo shower

With naturally sanitizing extracts

Docciasciampo // Idratante, Purificante // Terre di Amerigo //

A single detergent with many qualities: it is foaming, gives naturalness and freshness, delicately cleanses the whole body, including the intimate parts...
Hair loss vials - Derbe

Anti-fall vials

Multi function

Fiale, Lozioni // Anti caduta, Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Idratante, Purificante // Humus Vitalis //

With their complex of active ingredients derived from plants, they are ideal for maintaining and intensifying the results achieved with anti-inflammatory treatment.
10 vials / 8ml

Hand purifying gel

70% of Alcohol

Purificanti // Purificante //

Purifying hand gel with alcohol 70% enriched with essential oils of lavender and lemon that give a fantastic fragrance to your ...
Hand purifying gel - Derbe

Hand Purifying Gel

70% of Alcohol

Gel, Purificanti // Purificante //

Purifying hand gel with alcohol 70% enriched with essential oils of lavender and lemon that give a fantastic fragrance to your ...
Derbe hand purifying gel 200 ml

Hand Purifying Gel

70% of Alcohol

Gel, Purificanti // Purificante //

Purifying hand gel with alcohol 70% enriched with essential oils of lavender and lemon that give a fantastic fragrance to your ...

OlioDerbe Freetime

Ideal for sports and holidays

Olio detergente // Purificante // Derbe Sport //

Olioderbe is the first, the real and original oil that washes the hair. Works like a shampoo but does not contain water and does not foam. Cleans hair...

OilDerbe Castor & Aloe

for attacked scalp and treated hair

Olio detergente // Anti forfora, Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Cute irritata, Purificante, Rilassante //

OlioDerbe is a cleansing oil for hair that does not attack the scalp and does not wear out the hair. Contains aloe vera extract which performs an action ...
Anti-grease pre-shampoo - Derbe


for oily hair

Sciampo // Capelli grassi, Purificante //

The pre-shampoo solution is a preliminary treatment based on grapefruit seeds and nettle extract, both known for their sebum-regulating properties.
Mask purifying spray - Derbe


Purifying spray for masks - 80% by Alcohol

Purificante per ambienti // Purificante //

It allows you to regenerate the mask after use, giving it new purity and freshness. Contains the 80% of alcohol of vegetable origin and essential oils...
Active conditioning shampoo - Derbe - Evoderbe

Active Conditioning Shampoo


Sciampo // Purificante // Evo Derbe Bio //

Foaming shampoo with a strong purifying, conditioning and cleansing action. Deeply cleanses and conditions the hair, leaving it soft...
Purifying detox cream shampoo - Derbe

Purifying Cream Shampoo

Detox effect

Sciampo // Cute irritata, Idratante, Purificante //

The Detox cream shampoo is a specific product for the cleansing and treatment of flaky, sensitized and weakened scalps from various ...
Very delicate shampoo for greasy hair - Derbe

Delicate Shampoo Coconut & Sugar

for greasy hair

Sciampo // Capelli grassi, Cute irritata, Purificante // Delicatissimo //

Very delicate on the hair, its calming action, and its regular use, will stretch and re-educate the overstimulated sebaceous glands....
Revitalizing shampoo - Derbe - Aroma Derbe

Vitalizing shampoo

Tones and sanitizes the skin

Sciampo // Idratante, Purificante, Rilassante // Aroma Derbe //

A gentle and purifying shampoo, designed for all hair types. Thoroughly cleanses the hair, generating a pleasant feeling of well-being...
Face serum with hyaluronic acid and rose water - Derbe

Rose Face Serum

with hyaluronic acid - Hydroreplenishing - Antitensor

Creme viso // Idratante, Protettivo, Purificante, Rilassante //

Rose face serum with hyaluronic acid is a face serum that minimizes the signs of dehydration by promoting cell turgidity....

Surface purifying spray

For environments and surfaces

Purificante per ambienti // Purificante //

Derbe purifying spray for environments and surfaces is prepared with a blend of essential oils, to purify environments and surfaces of all kinds...

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