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Conditioning balm - Derbe

Derbe foam balm

Conditioner for hair

Balsami // Anti forfora, Anticrespo, Cute irritata, Purificante //

Conditioner with preparation on a natural basis, detangles the hair delicately without weighing it down and leaves it healthy and silky...

Very mild – Rose water shampoo

for frequent washing

Sciampo // Anti forfora, Capelli fini, Cute irritata //

Il blandissimo is a light and delicate cleanser. Very mild is particularly suitable for delicate hair and scalps and can always be used, ...
Young Derbe alcohol-free deodorant for young people - Derbe

Derbe Young Deodorant

Non alcoholic

Deodorante // Cute irritata, Deodorante // Baby & Young //

Specifically designed for young skin, this non-alcoholic deodorant is particularly effective for those with perspiration problems, etc.

Conditioner emulsion

for dry, dull hair with split ends

Balsami // Anticrespo, Capelli fini, Cute irritata, Volumizzante //

Wonderful conditioner for scalp and hair that is brittle, dry, with split ends and attacked by cosmetic treatments or by adverse climatic factors. Give the...

Gotu kola mask

Pack for skin sensitized by treatments and brittle hair

Balsami, Maschere // Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Capelli fini, Capelli secchi, Cute irritata //

Mask for brittle, dry, dehydrated hair and sensitized scalp. Contains centella, with vulnerable capabilities to mitigate the sub...

OilDerbe Castor & Aloe

for attacked scalp and treated hair

Olio detergente // Anti forfora, Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Cute irritata, Purificante, Rilassante //

OlioDerbe is a cleansing oil for hair that does not attack the scalp and does not wear out the hair. Contains aloe vera extract which performs an action ...
Purifying detox cream shampoo - Derbe

Purifying Cream Shampoo

Detox effect

Sciampo // Cute irritata, Idratante, Purificante //

The Detox cream shampoo is a specific product for the cleansing and treatment of flaky, sensitized and weakened scalps from various ...
Delicate shampoo for sensitive skin and frequent washing Derbe

Delicate Shampoo Coconut & Sugar

for sensitive skin

Sciampo // Cute irritata // Delicatissimo //

Wonderfully delicate, eudermic, it contains chamomile essential oil with a calming and normalizing action. Cleanses the hair and scalp...
Very delicate shampoo for greasy hair - Derbe

Delicate Shampoo Coconut & Sugar

for greasy hair

Sciampo // Capelli grassi, Cute irritata, Purificante // Delicatissimo //

Very delicate on the hair, its calming action, and its regular use, will stretch and re-educate the overstimulated sebaceous glands....

Shampoo Protects

Shampoo for frequent washing and sensitive skin

Sciampo // Anticrespo, Cute irritata // Essenziale //

Soothing shampoo that gives relief to the most sensitive scalp, specific for frequent washing....

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