Create the perfect look with Derbe styling products.

Formulated with natural ingredients to protect and nourish hair. Choose from the various options available and find out how Derbe styling products can improve your daily beauty routine.

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Instant two-phase conditioner - Derbe

Balsamo istantaneo bifase

districante ecologico senza risciacquo per capelli

Balsami, Messa in piega, Spray capelli // Anticrespo, Capelli secchi, Capelli sfibrati // Carezza Finale //

Questo meraviglioso balsamo grazie alle sue sostanze funzionali, dona bellezza e idratazione profonda ai capelli fragili, sciupati, colorati e permane...
Fluido ristrutturante per capelli - Derbe

Fluido ristrutturante

for hair

Messa in piega // Capelli secchi, Capelli sfibrati // Carezza Finale //

Il fluido ristrutturante è specifico per i capelli aridi, fragili, porosi, opachi, privi di vitalità, di volume e di flessibilità....

Super modeling fluid

The perfect natural look

Lozioni, Messa in piega // Anticrespo // Carezza Finale //

It is a fluid that sculpts your hair, giving it body and substance. Create your look with a solid and moldable hold according to your d...

Vegetable collagen gel

for brittle hair

Gel, Messa in piega // Capelli fini, Capelli secchi //

Covers and repairs the micro-cracks in the body of the hair and split ends: indicated for particularly brittle, dry, spongy or attacked hair...

Fisforte gel

for unruly hair

Gel, Messa in piega //

To obtain a super fixing and modeling action, also suitable for the most unruly hair....

Fixative gel

Wet look

Gel, Messa in piega //

It can be used constantly for the beauty and protection of all hair types, for styling, to obtain a wet effect...

Volumizing lacquer

Ecological - No gas

Messa in piega // Anticrespo, Volumizzante // Carezza Finale //

This professional ecological lacquer has an anti-humid effect due to the presence of silicon derivatives and natural resins. Delicately scented....

Oil no oil

Definition and support for hair

Balsami, Lozioni, Messa in piega // Carezza Finale //

Anti-frizz effect. Oil no oil is enriched with millet extract which protects and nourishes the skin and gives the hair...

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