United against dandruff!

From nature comes the biocosmetics that enhance your well-being.

Eco-friendly ingredients and fragrances for lines and products in harmony with your hair, made according to standards of excellence, in full respect of the environment and the specific characteristics of each need.

It is nature that suggests them to us more suitable and targeted solutions for your hair, enhancing its health and beauty.

Like ours for example line designed to manage and solve the imperfections of dandruff, expression of a very widespread intense desquamation of the scalp, caused by a rapid cell turnover.

The causes can be varied: diet, aggressive detergents, pollution, itching and other causes.

Derbe laboratories have studied a complete line of treatments that perform regulatory and anti-inflammatory actions, the result of an accurate analysis and study.

Their combined use acts effectively on the determining factors and, over time, amplifies the effects of reducing the production of dandruff and eliminating the existing one.

Derbe anti-dandruff products are made natural remedies in compliance with six requirements of excellence:

  • yes to emulsifiers of vegetable origin
  • yes to active ingredients and natural dyes
  • yes to surfactants of vegetable origin
  • no to silicones
  • no to artificial antioxidants
  • no to allergenic preservatives


And the Walnuts the anti-dandruff ally present in the Derbe scrubs.

The granules derived from its shell, in fact, eliminate all impurities from the scalp, such as dandruff, dead cells and excess sebum, in a delicate but effective way.

The scrub also contains Mint, Thyme and Chamomile extracts, with toning, sanitizing and soothing properties. Finally, the Aloe gel gives a very pleasant refreshing effect.

How to use: 

Use the scrub before the shampoo. You can apply it on both dry and wet skin.
Shake the package for a few seconds, take a small amount of product and distribute it over the entire surface of the scalp. Its exfoliating action is enhanced through massage, which you can do directly or after waiting for a short period of exposure. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and continue with the normal hair washing with the Derbe sanitizing shampoo.


The Derbe sanitizing shampoo intervenes by acting on the restoration of correct hygiene of the scalp, thanks to the presence of a very delicate cleansing base, combined with the sanitizing effect of Tea Tree Oil. It also contains a non-toxic substance (piroctone olamine), antifungal and sebum-regulating which, compared to the more common anti-dandruff agents, has a high affinity with tissues rich in keratin fiber, the same as hair. It has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and helps restore the natural microbial balance of the skin.

How to use: 

Use it after the Pre-Shampoo Scrub on damp hair, in sufficient quantity to create abundant foam. Repeat the operation a second time before the final rinse. Proceed with drying.

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