The Renaissance of your hair.

Nature enhances the essence of your hair, thanks to this new Derbe line, a combination of treatments that transform and enhance the health of the scalp and the splendor of the hair. They are products that protect, structure and polish the hair, respecting the skin. Rich in principles and functional substances, they accompany the daily gestures of care and definition. They do not contain alcohol, they revitalize the skin's metabolism, they are organic and perfect for all hair types, as well as suitable for frequent washing and styling. They bring nourishment, strength and shine for vital hair even after styling.

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Shampoo Protects

Shampoo for frequent washing and sensitive skin

Sciampo // Anticrespo, Cute irritata // Essenziale //

Soothing shampoo that gives relief to the most sensitive scalp, specific for frequent washing....

Gloss spray with liquid crystals

Anti-frizz spray

Spray capelli // Anticrespo // Essenziale //

Perfect for curly or frizzy hair, the Derbe liquid crystal Lucida spray gives light to your hair. By compacting the cuticle of the hair, it m...

Biphasic Structure Spray Thermo Protector

Hair dryer and straightener

Spray capelli // Anticrespo, Rinforzante // Essenziale //

Biphasic serum for the protection of the hair structure from heat sources (straightener and hair dryer)...

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