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Vela water perfume - Terre di Amerigo - Derbe

Sailing water

Scent of love and adventure

Profumi // Terre di Amerigo //

This perfume, which is love and adventure, is dedicated to man, superb adventurer, and to woman, free and beautiful sparrowhawk....
Non-alcoholic perfume for children - Derbe

Perfume Baby

Non alcoholic for the little ones

Profumi // Baby & Young //

To complete the toilet of the little ones, a non-alcoholic perfume, with light and invigorating tones....
Perfume Bougainvillea - Florentine apothecaries - Derbe

Perfume Bougainvillea

Fresh and citrusy

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

The Bouganville perfume is the scent of sea water, of citrus fruits that release their essence, of the strength of the wind, of the grass combed by a...
Perfume Hemp and Myrtle - Florentine Apothecaries - Derbe

Perfume Hemp and Myrtle

Fresh anti-stress scent

Profumi // Rilassante // Speziali Fiorentini //

The plant of distant countries marries with the flower of the Mediterranean, giving relaxing sensations of peace and fresh mystery....

Cherry blossom scent

Fresh, flowery, woody, musky fragrance.

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

A fragrance with citrus, floral, woody and musky notes....
Perfume ivy and hawthorn - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Perfume White Flowers and Green Leaves

You are in my heart like a white flower in the green meadow of memories

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

Perfume with notes of ivy and hawthorn... a leap into the green meadow of memories...

Orange blossom scent

In the secret garden

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

It is a moisturizing water designed to refresh and hydrate the skin at the same time....
Perfume Flowers of Chianti - Florentine Apothecaries - Derbe

Perfume Flowers of Chianti

The scent of the Florentine tradition

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

Fiori del Chianti with iris extract (iris) and violet is a fresh fragrance inspired by the rolling Tuscan hills. Indicated line is ...
Frangipani perfume - Florentine apothecaries - Derbe

Frangipani perfume

with an exotic scent

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

The Frangipani perfume envelops you in a magical atmosphere of pleasant olfactory sensations, giving your skin a sweet scent of mysterious fra...
Perfume Licorice and mandarin - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Scent Licorice and Mandarin

From the rolling hills of Florence

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

Perfume inspired by the rolling hills of Florence, with marked notes of licorice and mandarin....
Forget-me-not perfume - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Forget-me-not perfume

Delicate fragrance like a flower

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

Perfume whose small flowers enclose a lively and intense fragrance....
White tea room fragrance - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Room fragrance White Tea

With 8 sticks

Profumi, Purificante per ambienti // Speziali Fiorentini //

The White Tea air freshener gives the house a delicate scent in an ecological, effective, clean and safe way. ...
Perfume Rose and Blackberry - Florentine Apothecaries - Derbe

Perfume Rose and Blackberry

Delicate as a rose petal

Profumi // Speziali Fiorentini //

The delicacy of the rose combined with the decisive taste of the blackberry gives life to an intense and persistent perfume....

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