A caress of Nature for your hair.

Derbe shampoos are produced in our laboratories in order to guarantee every type and color of hair – as well as scalp – the best possible care, hydration, protection, luminosity and health, for you and the whole family, without forgetting the importance of enrich the treatments with natural and enveloping fragrances, thanks to the precious properties of the elements that compose them.


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Hemp and Myrtle Shampoo Bath - Florentine Apothecaries - Derbe

Hemp and Myrtle Bath and Shampoo

Refreshing and anti-stress

Bagnoschiuma, Sciampo // Speziali Fiorentini //

Admirable cleanser with many qualities, it delicately cleanses the whole body and hair, in its modernity and safety of formulation, obeying ...
Baby Derbe Bath and Shampoo - very delicate

Delicate Baby Bath and Shampoo

with Rice and Chamomile

Bagnoschiuma, Docciasciampo, Sciampo // Protettivo // Baby & Young //

A single solution to delicately cleanse the epidermis and hair of the little ones like a sweet and delicate caress. Detergents derived from...

Very mild – Rose water shampoo

for frequent washing

Sciampo // Anti forfora, Capelli fini, Cute irritata //

Il blandissimo is a light and delicate cleanser. Very mild is particularly suitable for delicate hair and scalps and can always be used, ...
Shower gel shampoo for sport - Derbe

Shower Shampoo Gel Derbesport


Bagnoschiuma, Docciasciampo, Sciampo // Rilassante // Derbe Sport //

A single detergent with many qualities, gives naturalness and freshness, gently cleanses the whole body including the intimate parts, is an excellent s...
Anti-grease pre-shampoo - Derbe


for oily hair

Sciampo // Capelli grassi, Purificante //

The pre-shampoo solution is a preliminary treatment based on grapefruit seeds and nettle extract, both known for their sebum-regulating properties.

Anti-aging shampoo


Sciampo // Capelli secchi, Idratante, Rinforzante, Volumizzante // Anti-age //

The nourishing-volumizing anti-aging shampoo is the ideal shampoo for mature hair that requires more nourishment and hydration. It is also suitable for...

Perfect White Anti-Aging Shampoo

For gray or white hair

Sciampo // Capelli decolorati //

The perfect white shampoo, thanks to the presence of reflecting pigments, eliminates the unpleasant yellow reflection and makes the hair beautifully white...
Shampoo for oily hair - Derbe

Anti-greasiness shampoo

For oily hair

Sciampo // Capelli grassi //

The shampoo for oily hair is a non-aggressive shampoo with a washing base, made up of delicate and non-irritating surfactants, particularly...
Humus vitalis anti-hair loss shampoo - Derbe

Anti-hair loss shampoo

Vitamin complex and plant extracts

Sciampo // Anti caduta // Humus Vitalis //

Shampoo indicated in the prevention of excessive hair loss. Its calibrated foam gently cleanses, purifying the skin and respecting...
Repairing Conditioner Shampoo - Derbe

Repairing Conditioner Shampoo

With Baobab extract

Balsami, Sciampo // Capelli colorati, Protettivo // Derbe Sole //

The repairing conditioner shampoo is a delicate hair cleanser, ideal for scalps sensitized by sun exposure and frequ...
Hair shampoo - super conditioning - Derbe

Seres Hair Shampoo

Super Conditioner

Sciampo // Capelli fini, Capelli secchi, Capelli sfibrati, Volumizzante //

Formulated with a rich series of conditioning agents, it deeply nourishes, protects and hydrates the hair fibre, managing to soften even the hair.
Purifying detox cream shampoo - Derbe

Purifying Cream Shampoo

Detox effect

Sciampo // Cute irritata, Idratante, Purificante //

The Detox cream shampoo is a specific product for the cleansing and treatment of flaky, sensitized and weakened scalps from various ...
Delicate shampoo for sensitive skin and frequent washing Derbe

Delicate Shampoo Coconut & Sugar

for sensitive skin

Sciampo // Cute irritata // Delicatissimo //

Wonderfully delicate, eudermic, it contains chamomile essential oil with a calming and normalizing action. Cleanses the hair and scalp...
Very delicate shampoo for greasy hair - Derbe

Delicate Shampoo Coconut & Sugar

for greasy hair

Sciampo // Capelli grassi, Cute irritata, Purificante // Delicatissimo //

Very delicate on the hair, its calming action, and its regular use, will stretch and re-educate the overstimulated sebaceous glands....

Delicate Shampoo Coconut & Sugar

for brittle hair

Sciampo // Anticrespo, Capelli sfibrati, Idratante // Delicatissimo //

The Sugar and Coconut shampoo for brittle hair carries out a cleansing action in full respect of the keratin structure....
Very delicate shampoo for hair, anti-dandruff - Derbe

Delicate Sugar & Coconut Shampoo


Sciampo // Anti forfora // Delicatissimo //

Do you really want to fight your dandruff? Bring your skin back to its best natural defense conditions. This detergent, very delicate in...

Deodorant Shampoo

With citrus essential oils

Sciampo // Deodorante //

The deodorant shampoo with citrus essential oils is a gentle and balanced cleansing system, particularly indicated in cases where the hair...
Pid shampoo against lice - Derbe

PID shampoo

Pediculosis Prevention and Maintenance

Sciampo // Pediculosi // Pid //

The pid shampoo is first of all a fantastic new generation shampoo produced with Coconut and Corn derivatives. The presence of specific ...

Derbe Foam Shower Shampoo

for hair and body

Bagnoschiuma, Docciasciampo, Sciampo // Idratante //

Unique detergent for the balance of its components: the essential oils, the delicate foaming agent, its unmistakable fragrance and its freshness...

Strengthening Goji Shampoo

With Goji berry extract

Sciampo // Anti caduta, Rinforzante //

Specific shampoo to give energy, elasticity, vitality and to strengthen the scalp thanks to the multi-active vegetable complex "Bioderbe"...

Moisturizing Shampoo

with green apple and hyaluronic acid

Sciampo // Anticrespo, Idratante //

Moisturizing shampoo with hyaluronic acid and green apple restores hair's natural shine, smoothness and softness. Particularly indicated...

Sanitizing anti-dandruff shampoo

with Tea Tree Oil

Sciampo // Anti forfora //

The sanitizing shampoo intervenes by acting favorably on the restoration of correct hygiene of the scalp thanks to the presence of a ...

Shampoo Protects

Shampoo for frequent washing and sensitive skin

Sciampo // Anticrespo, Cute irritata // Essenziale //

Soothing shampoo that gives relief to the most sensitive scalp, specific for frequent washing....

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