Anti fall

Nature and science allies of capillary renewal.

The Derbe anti-hair loss line, made up of shampoos, lotions, vials, cleansing oils and sprays, enriched with natural essences, protects and stimulates the scalp, facilitates capillary renewal, counteracts the stiffening of the perifollicular collagen and contributes in a positive way to maintaining the hair life cycle. This is thanks to plant bioflavonoids with an anti-radical and anti-glycation action, vitamin complexes, proteins and natural phytocomplexes, which synergistically, thanks to a cleansing and stimulating action, help protect the most fragile hair and strengthen the hair bulb.

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Energizing and Strengthening Balm

With Goji berries

Balsami // Anti caduta, Capelli fini, Rinforzante //

Specific conditioner to give energy, elasticity, vitality and to strengthen the scalp thanks to the multi-active vegetable complex "Bioderbe"...
Hair loss vials - Derbe

Anti-fall vials

Multi function

Fiale, Lozioni // Anti caduta, Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Idratante, Purificante // Humus Vitalis //

With their complex of active ingredients derived from plants, they are ideal for maintaining and intensifying the results achieved with anti-inflammatory treatment.
10 vials / 8ml
Anti-hair loss gel lotion - Derbe

Anti-Hair Loss Gel Lotion

Stimulates skin blood circulation

Lozioni // Anti caduta // Humus Vitalis //

This gelled lotion, together with the massage, stimulates blood circulation and makes the scalp available, with a deposit action...
Anti-hair loss cleansing oil - Derbe

Hair Loss Cleansing Oil

To calm and re-educate the sebaceous glands

Olio detergente // Anti caduta // Humus Vitalis //

Wonderful anti-hair loss cleansing oil composed of a rich complex of natural essences, specific for restoring the hydrolipidic balance and for...

OilDerbe Castor & Propolis

for hair with dry dandruff

Olio detergente // Anti caduta, Anti forfora //

OlioDerbe is a cleansing oil for hair that does not attack the scalp and does not wear out the hair. Contains propolis extract which, thanks to its natural...
Humus vitalis anti-hair loss shampoo - Derbe

Anti-hair loss shampoo

Vitamin complex and plant extracts

Sciampo // Anti caduta // Humus Vitalis //

Shampoo indicated in the prevention of excessive hair loss. Its calibrated foam gently cleanses, purifying the skin and respecting...

Strengthening Goji Shampoo

With Goji berry extract

Sciampo // Anti caduta, Rinforzante //

Specific shampoo to give energy, elasticity, vitality and to strengthen the scalp thanks to the multi-active vegetable complex "Bioderbe"...
h vitalis intensive anti-hair loss spray anti free radicals anti glycation meristematic cells grapes derbe

Intensive Anti-Hair Loss Spray

Anti free radicals, anti-glycation

Spray capelli // Anti caduta // Humus Vitalis //

The Derbe anti-hair loss spray contains a complex of functional substances of vegetable origin with antioxidant activity which positively contributes...

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