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Vegetable collagen gel

for brittle hair

Gel, Messa in piega // Capelli fini, Capelli secchi //

Covers and repairs the micro-cracks in the body of the hair and split ends: indicated for particularly brittle, dry, spongy or attacked hair...
Anti-fatigue body gel - Derbe

Anti-fatigue gel for the body

Quick recovery from fatigue

Creme corpo, Gel // Derbe Sport //

Relaxing and refreshing gel with natural active ingredients: butcher's broom, horse chestnut, helichrysum, echinacea. Apply all over the body to rehydrate and pe...

Fisforte gel

for unruly hair

Gel, Messa in piega //

To obtain a super fixing and modeling action, also suitable for the most unruly hair....

Fixative gel

Wet look

Gel, Messa in piega //

It can be used constantly for the beauty and protection of all hair types, for styling, to obtain a wet effect...
Derbe hand purifying gel 200 ml

Hand Purifying Gel

70% of Alcohol

Gel, Purificanti // Purificante //

Purifying hand gel with alcohol 70% enriched with essential oils of lavender and lemon that give a fantastic fragrance to your ...

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