Nature has been our muse for over 50 years.

Each product is designed to give you the excellence that only the combination of ingredients of natural origin and an ethical vision of their use can guarantee skin and hair. 

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And if with the return to school
lice returned too?
No problem! Derbe takes care of it.

With the opening of schools, the annoying problem of pediculosis can return …
find out how to recognize and treat it with Derbe products

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The products we recommend for pediculosis

Evo Derbe Bio

the new definition of quality
in natural cosmetic products.
Evo Derbe Bio is the line of cosmetic products
with high biological content and technological innovation.

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Evo Derbe Bio products

Derbe ciliegio in fiore

Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom

The cherry trees in bloom, which bloom in early spring,
are considered symbols of renewal and purity e
they offer invaluable help for our well-being.
Cherry blossom extracts are valuable and effective allies
of the skin because they are rich in Vitamin E and C
with a revitalizing and illuminating effect on the skin

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Ciliegio in fiore products

Anti Dandruff Products

Dandruff is due to an accelerated cell turnover
epidermal scalp caused by several factors.
Our anti-dandruff products, created with selected organic ingredients,
they gently cleanse the skin, without attacking and giving it
balance, thanks to the natural properties of the components.
At the same time, they make hair beautiful and full of health.

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Anti Dandruff products