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Baby Derbe Bath and Shampoo - very delicate

Delicate Baby Bath and Shampoo

with Rice and Chamomile

Bagnoschiuma, Docciasciampo, Sciampo // Protettivo // Baby & Young //

A single solution to delicately cleanse the epidermis and hair of the little ones like a sweet and delicate caress. Detergents derived from...
Fluid body cream Frangipani - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Frangipani Fluid Body Cream

With an exotic and intoxicating scent

Creme corpo // Protettivo // Speziali Fiorentini //

With Frangipani extract. Fluid body cream with an exotic and intoxicating scent, It gives a pleasant sensation of hydration and freshness....
Post mask reconstructive emulsion - Derbe

Defense + hand and face cream

Reconstructive emulsion

Creme corpo, Creme viso, Purificanti // Protettivo //

POST GEL AND MASK Difesa+ helps rebuild the hydrolipidic protection of the skin thanks to the presence of ceramide-3, hyperic...
Hand cream with green leaves and white flowers - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

White Flowers and Green Leaves Hand Cream

Toning, moisturizing and protective for your hands

Creme corpo // Idratante, Protettivo // Speziali Fiorentini //

This hand cream has the gift of making the skin of your hands nourished, soft, hydrated and pleasantly scented....
Pink and blackberry hand cream - Florentine apothecaries - Derbe

Rose and Blackberry Hand Cream

Protected and hydrated skin

Creme corpo // Idratante, Protettivo // Speziali Fiorentini //

A sweet and fragrant rose and blackberry scented cream to give relief and hydration to chapped and dry hands....
Body repairing skin cream - Derbe

Skin-saving cream

Body repair cream

Creme corpo // Idratante, Protettivo, Purificante //

The Salvapelle cream, rich in functional substances derived from plants, gives immediate relief and deep hydration to very sensitive skin, c...
Roll on deodorant - Derbe

Roll-on deodorant

Non alcoholic

Deodorante // Idratante, Protettivo //

The Derbe Body Roll-on Deodorant is an effective treatment for our underarms: it counteracts perspiration-related odors, leaving the skin ...
Intimate cleanser for delicate skin - Derbe

Intimate wash

For delicate skins

Creme corpo // Protettivo, Purificante //

Derbe Intimate Cleanser is very delicate, has an acidic pH and contains a complex of essential oils particularly suitable for intimate cleansing...
Moisturizing spray body milk - fast absorption - Evoderbe - Derbe

Moisturizing Body Milk Spray

rapid absorption

Idratante // Idratante, Protettivo // Evo Derbe Bio //

Rapidly absorbed moisturizing body milk. It allows you to hydrate, protect and soften the skin of the whole body in a single gesture....
for your hands - hand cleanser - Derbe

For your hands

Moisturizing and protective cleanser

Purificanti // Idratante, Protettivo //

"For your hands" makes hands clean, fresh and pleasantly scented. Its soft foam does not dry out the skin and does not unbalance its natural pH...
Repairing Conditioner Shampoo - Derbe

Repairing Conditioner Shampoo

With Baobab extract

Balsami, Sciampo // Capelli colorati, Protettivo // Derbe Sole //

The repairing conditioner shampoo is a delicate hair cleanser, ideal for scalps sensitized by sun exposure and frequ...
Face serum with hyaluronic acid and rose water - Derbe

Rose Face Serum

with hyaluronic acid - Hydroreplenishing - Antitensor

Creme viso // Idratante, Protettivo, Purificante, Rilassante //

Rose face serum with hyaluronic acid is a face serum that minimizes the signs of dehydration by promoting cell turgidity....

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