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Relax bath

Energizing and anti-stress

Bagnoschiuma // Rilassante // Aroma Derbe //

A fresh and energizing cleanser that dissolves stress and tiredness thanks to the pleasantly refreshing and delicate notes of essential oils of m...
Foam bath - poppy and fig - Florentine apothecaries - Derbe

Poppy and fig shower gel

Energizing, antioxidant and anti-stress

Bagnoschiuma // Rilassante // Speziali Fiorentini //

The sweetness of the fig and the cheerfulness of the poppy give life to a fruity and sunny scent like a summer day. Delicate bubble bath, for...
Brightening balm - Aroma Derbe - Derbe

Illuminating Balm

Unprecedented combability

Balsami // Anticrespo, Capelli sfibrati, Rilassante // Aroma Derbe //

This balm combines its excellent conditioning properties with a pleasant "well-being" effect guaranteed by the enchanting essential oils of mint,...
Fluid Body Cream with Hemp and Myrtle - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Fluid Body Cream Hemp and Myrtle

More hydrated and nourished skin

Creme corpo // Rilassante // Speziali Fiorentini //

Fluid cream with a sweet scent, rich in the antioxidant, toning and revitalizing properties of hemp and myrtle, it has the gift of making ...
Chianti flowers fluid body cream - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Fluid Body Cream Flowers of Chianti

Soothing, Anti-stress and revitalizing

Creme corpo // Rilassante // Speziali Fiorentini //

Rich moisturizing cream with the scent of Chianti Flowers with iris (iris) and violet extract, fresh fragrance inspired by the gentle hills...
Fluid body cream with poppy and fig - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Poppy and Fig Fluid Body Cream

Moisturizing and relaxing body cream

Creme corpo // Idratante, Rilassante // Speziali Fiorentini //

The sweetness of the fig and the cheerfulness of the poppy give life to a fruity and sunny scent like a summer day! Rich fluid cream for skin...
Sublime body cream - Aroma Derbe - Derbe

Sublime body cream

dedicated to body and mind

Creme corpo // Idratante, Rilassante // Aroma Derbe //

Tones, hydrates and refreshes the skin giving relief and long-lasting softness....

Orange Blossom Shower Gel

In the secret garden

Bagnoschiuma // Idratante, Rilassante // Speziali Fiorentini //

Our Orange Blossom Shower Gel is formulated with an exclusive combination of delicate surfactants that effectively cleanses the skin without ...
Shower gel shampoo for sport - Derbe

Shower Shampoo Gel Derbesport


Bagnoschiuma, Docciasciampo, Sciampo // Rilassante // Derbe Sport //

A single detergent with many qualities, gives naturalness and freshness, gently cleanses the whole body including the intimate parts, is an excellent s...

OilDerbe Castor & Aloe

for attacked scalp and treated hair

Olio detergente // Anti forfora, Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Cute irritata, Purificante, Rilassante //

OlioDerbe is a cleansing oil for hair that does not attack the scalp and does not wear out the hair. Contains aloe vera extract which performs an action ...
Perfume Hemp and Myrtle - Florentine Apothecaries - Derbe

Perfume Hemp and Myrtle

Fresh anti-stress scent

Profumi // Rilassante // Speziali Fiorentini //

The plant of distant countries marries with the flower of the Mediterranean, giving relaxing sensations of peace and fresh mystery....
Revitalizing shampoo - Derbe - Aroma Derbe

Vitalizing shampoo

Tones and sanitizes the skin

Sciampo // Idratante, Purificante, Rilassante // Aroma Derbe //

A gentle and purifying shampoo, designed for all hair types. Thoroughly cleanses the hair, generating a pleasant feeling of well-being...

Sanitizing anti-dandruff pre-shampoo scrub

With walnut granules

Purificanti, Sciampo // Anti forfora, Rilassante //

Thanks to the presence of granules derived from walnut shells, this gentle scrub eliminates all impurities from the scalp such as dandruff, cells...
Face serum with hyaluronic acid and rose water - Derbe

Rose Face Serum

with hyaluronic acid - Hydroreplenishing - Antitensor

Creme viso // Idratante, Protettivo, Purificante, Rilassante //

Rose face serum with hyaluronic acid is a face serum that minimizes the signs of dehydration by promoting cell turgidity....

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