Bleached hair

Repair and nourish your bleached hair with Derbe bleached hair products.

Formulated with natural ingredients to repair and nourish hair damaged by bleaching, leaving it soft and healthy.

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Hair loss vials - Derbe

Anti-fall vials

Multi function

Fiale, Lozioni // Anti caduta, Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Idratante, Purificante // Humus Vitalis //

With their complex of active ingredients derived from plants, they are ideal for maintaining and intensifying the results achieved with anti-inflammatory treatment.
10 vials / 8ml

Gotu kola mask

Pack for skin sensitized by treatments and brittle hair

Balsami, Maschere // Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Capelli fini, Capelli secchi, Cute irritata //

Mask for brittle, dry, dehydrated hair and sensitized scalp. Contains centella, with vulnerable capabilities to mitigate the sub...

OilDerbe Castor & Aloe

for attacked scalp and treated hair

Olio detergente // Anti forfora, Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Cute irritata, Purificante, Rilassante //

OlioDerbe is a cleansing oil for hair that does not attack the scalp and does not wear out the hair. Contains aloe vera extract which performs an action ...

Perfect White Anti-Aging Shampoo

For gray or white hair

Sciampo // Capelli decolorati //

The perfect white shampoo, thanks to the presence of reflecting pigments, eliminates the unpleasant yellow reflection and makes the hair beautifully white...

Silky shampoo

for stressed hair

Sciampo // Capelli colorati, Capelli decolorati, Capelli fini, Capelli secchi, Capelli sfibrati //

Deeply cleanses and moisturizes all types of hair, especially treated, brittle, bleached, dry and dull hair, restoring them with ...

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