Try hair conditioner Hair Cream Herbs to nourish dry and brittle hair in a natural way.

To restructure damaged, dry, brittle, dull, dry hair, Derbe offers you a wonderful conditioner. It is a powerful hair conditioner to improve the hydrolipidic and acid state of the scalp and to combat the structural impoverishment of hair washed with alkaline detergents or treated with chemical styling liquids.

Nourishing dry and brittle hair in a natural way is possible thanks to Derbe and its wonderful conditioner which can be used for 3 different functions:

  • Cream-capillaryAs a compress mask: it affects both the hair and the scalp, it is a real nourishment for the scalp. It is ideal for restoring the hydrolipidic and acid balance of the skin, making it silky. softness, body and vigor to the hair, fighting dryness and split ends. It is applied after washing on the scalp and still damp hair, distributing and massaging an adequate dose of product. Rinse before drying.
  •  As a conditioner and detangler: for dry, dull and brittle hair it is necessary to apply the Hair Cream carefully on all wet hair, spreading it evenly with a comb to the ends and finally rinse gently. The conditioner in this case acts actively making the hair stronger and more protected, restoring shine and eliminating that unsightly static electricity which is typical of abused and dry hair.
  •  As a polishing touch: to give shine and shape to the hair, make it easier to style and minimize the split ends effect, simply apply a small dose on the palms of your hands, distributing over the ends and body of the hair without rinsing.

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