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Life-giving Orange Blossom Water

In the secret garden

Acqua corpo // Deodorante // Speziali Fiorentini //

It is a moisturizing water designed to refresh and hydrate the skin at the same time....
Bubble bath Flowers of Chianti - Speziali Fiorentina - Derbe

Bubble bath Flowers of Chianti

Suitable for all skin types

Bagnoschiuma // Deodorante // Speziali Fiorentini //

Fiori del Chianti with iris extract (iris) and violet is a fresh fragrance inspired by the rolling Tuscan hills. Indicated line is ...
Young Derbe alcohol-free deodorant for young people - Derbe

Derbe Young Deodorant

Non alcoholic

Deodorante // Cute irritata, Deodorante // Baby & Young //

Specifically designed for young skin, this non-alcoholic deodorant is particularly effective for those with perspiration problems, etc.
Poppy and fig non-alcoholic deodorant - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Poppy and fig deodorant

Non alcoholic - Roll on

Deodorante // Deodorante // Speziali Fiorentini //

This gentle deodorant offers safe and effective protection against perspiration and bad odours. Its application allows you to maintain the fr...
Roll on non-alcoholic deodorant - Pepper and grapefruit - Speziali Fiorentini - Derbe

Pepper and Grapefruit Deodorant

Non alcoholic - Roll on

Deodorante // Deodorante, Purificante // Speziali Fiorentini //

The Pepper and Grapefruit deodorant has a sanitizing and refreshing effect thanks to the presence of Pepper and Grapefruit extracts....

Deodorant Shampoo

With citrus essential oils

Sciampo // Deodorante //

The deodorant shampoo with citrus essential oils is a gentle and balanced cleansing system, particularly indicated in cases where the hair...

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