Derbe Anti-Dandruff Solution. 3 natural remedies against dandruff! Do you want a quick and easy solution to your dandruff problems? Discover the 3 Derbe natural remedies!

Anti-dandruff product lineDandruff is a very common and difficult to solve scalp imperfection. The causes can be varied: diet, aggressive detergents, pollution, itching…Derbe laboratories have studied a complete line to solve the problem: from nature 3 natural remedies to say enough to dandruff problems! Derbe anti-dandruff products are made in compliance with 6 excellence requirements:

  • yes to emulsifiers of vegetable origin
  • yes to active ingredients and natural dyes
  • yes to surfactants of vegetable origin
  • no to silicones
  • no to artificial antioxidants
  • no to allergenic preservatives

Derbe scrub is an innovative product which, thanks to the presence of granules derived from the walnut shell, removes from the leather anti-dandruff scrubscalp all impurities such as dandruff, dead cells and excess sebum. It also contains Mint, Thyme and Chamomile extracts with toning, sanitizing and soothing properties; with refreshing Aloe Gel. The scrub must be used before the shampoo and can be applied to dry or wet skin.


Anti-dandruff sanitizing shampoo with tea tree oil.(Shock treatment) Le shampoo Derbe acts Dandruff shampooeffectively on restoring the hydrolipidic balance of the scalp thanks to the presence of a very delicate cleansing base combined with the sanitizing effect of Tea Tree oil. It also contains an antifungal and sebum-regulating substance which, compared to the more common anti-dandruff agents, has a high affinity with keratin-rich structures such as hair.





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